The first time I realized I was overweight was in 2010. It was due to the transition from high school to college. My eating habits in high school were not the best but they certainly got worse once I got to college. I was eating all kinds of fast foods for lunch and dinner. Also, I was no longer a teenager, so my metabolism was not the same.

High School days ( 2009), everything was all fun and game, I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining.


The first time I went through a weight gain, my heaviest was 165lbs. That was during my first and second year in college. In order to lose the weight, I started making better choices, I cut down on the fried foods, ate more veggies, drank more water. I managed to get to 136lbs. Let me add, that there was NO exercising involved!! Yep, I did not work out at all.



You would think that I learned a lesson and maintain the weight? Nope.Unfortunately, that did not happened. I was very disappointed because I let myself down.

As I was progressing in my college career, the work load increased; I also had to balance having a part time job which led to stress. I simply did not have time, I was so overwhelmed with school that I just did not care. Grabbing fast foods on campus to eat was so convenient. While at home, the thought of dedicating just 30 mins to meal prep seemed impossible.

Meanwhile ,the weight was slowly increasing over time. My last semester of college, I stepped on the scale and read 185lbs. Holy Molly, I screamed, I was in denial, I stepped on the scale one more time, and saw 184.6lbs. Better huh? Nope.  At that moment, I decided to make change.

January 2015



Selfies @173 lbs- May 2015


I began researching online for solutions, I stumbled across quick diets such as the Military Diet which claimed to lose 10 bls in 3 days. I tried and failed terribly on day 1.

The first time I lost weight in 2010, I simply ate clean. So I figure, why not do it again ? That is the approach I took. I was now focused on losing the weight the healthy way. As I was doing more research, I found most articles stating that weightloss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So this time around, I added physical activity to my journey.

By eating clean and mainly doing cardio, I lost a good amount of weight.

Again, my starting weight was 185lbs in January 2015.

  • March 2015- 173lbs  (I was so happy to leave the 180’s)

*I stayed in the 170’s for quite some times. I was not eating clean most of the time, especially towards the end of my last semester in college.

** I got back on track in June, started jogging and eating clean most of the time. I even joined my first bootcamp.

  • July 2015- 163lbs (yessss, I was excited to see great results)

*** Once you see resuts, it is really hard to go back to you old bad habits,  I was even more determined to get back to my old weight

I stepped on the scale the day of my birthday( August 6th by the way #TeamLeo) and I got the best gift ever

  • August 6th, 2015- 158lbs( woohoo, finally in the 150’s, never going back to the 160’s ever )
  • September 2015- 154lbs
  • November 2015- 147lbs( hello 140’s )

I reached a plateau and I have been stuck in the 140’s for a long time. I do great monday-friday, however those cheatdays over the weekend ruin everything , and I am stuck at the same weight. I am simply not gaining or losing. As long as I maintain and not gain, that is fine. I am at a happy weight, I like the way body is looking so no biggie 🙂

  • Current weight (June 13th,2016): 140-145lbs . My weight tends to fluctuate, that is why I am giving a range. Now, I don’t step on the scale too often.
The journey. From 179.4lbs-141.5lbs


I plan on having better discipline in order to have self control. At this point, I am not too concerned about my weight. Inches over weight anytime. I am still educating myself, and I know that I have to add more weight training to my regimen.

In the beginning, I was doing strictly cardio, just plain ol running, which I LOVE by the way. However, I need to lose more fat and build more lean muscles. That is where weight training comes in handy.

My body fat percentage is at 27.8% @145lbs which is high for my age. According to…., my range is ok, but it can be improved. My goal is to get my body fat percentage down 7%. I’ll do that by doing High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT Training), weight training( lifting) and last but not least cardio.

I feel so much better, I wonder what took me so long to make the change. I had to be at my heaviest to realize it was time for a change. Better late than never.

I did NOT diet, I simply changed my way of living. I want permanent results, so the goal is to maintain this healthy living.

Full body and face comparison

FB_IMG_1465878980581 (1)

FB_IMG_1465878975823 (1)
185 lbs vs 144lbs

FB_IMG_1465878999208 (1)

174 lbs vs 141 lbs

If you are consistent with clean eating, you should see results in no time. I started 2015 being consistent and lost about 1o lbs. That was during my last semester of college, once final exams started approaching, I fell off and gained about 3-5 lbs. It isn’t after I was officially done with exams and graduated that I started back again. At that moment, I was not going to let anything stop me. I lost most of my weight in 6 months. Once you see results, do not stop, keep going, stick to the plan. Always remember that you are trying to make it lifestyle not just a fad diet.


We can prevent many diseases simply by eating clean and working out.

This journey was a roller coaster but I did it. I am so proud of myself, I am back to my normal weight. It is not over, I will continue to push myself everyday. I want to be leaner and increase my endurance as mentioned above.



If you don’t like something , change it. Don’t wish for it, work for it. Life happens, life can be full of surprises. You will hit some rough patches, and that is ok, just don’t give up, get back up.There are things that YOU can control. You can control how you nourish your body. What you eat in private will show in public. And keep in mind that the scale does not lie. I went from making poor eating choices and being sedentary to making smart eating choices and eating healthy. You can do it too no matter what your starting weight is.

I did it alone, however I kept myself inspired. One tip is to hashtag #weightloss #eatingClean #weightlossProgress…etc on Instagram. It can be done naturally. It isn’t rocket science, just like many others, I lost my weight by simply eating clean and being active. No surgery, no pills or magic potions .

Hop on the train, join me and get brend new !!!




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