Bienvenue dans le monde de Brend

Hi there, I am Brenda, also known as Bren, Brend, B, Ms.B! I am a 25 year old Houstonian and I am very passionate about sharing my hobbies. I have been wanting to blog for years but always made excuses not to do so. Hey, blame it on school, work….LIFE(sigh). Finally, I took a leap of faith and made it a priority. Better late than never. All of the contents were written months ago. With a crazy schedule during the week, I finally figured how to make time for blogging. Writing about topics I master is easy, I just needed to squeeze it in my tight schedule. All these years, I made excuses and enough was enough. People frequently ask me about my hair and fitness and giving someone tons of information and details can be confusing. With a blog, I can simply direct them to it. My fellow bloggers that have a full time career know that it is not easy. However, you can make time for something that truly matters. I am delighted that it is all coming together, I now have a product that I can share.
The focus of this blog is on: FOOD,FITNESS and BEAUTY(haircare, skincare...etc). So to all my hairlistas, food lovers and workout fanatics, welcome home!!!
97% of the food posts are healthy meals that I prepare because I eat clean on a daily basis. Since I am a foodie and I love to enjoy life, I'll also post my guilty pleasures. I love to discover new restaurants thus I'll share some of my recommendations as well
Your hair growth and body transformation are a reflection of how you nourish your body.Forget about hair pills, topical creams or should I say "miraculous" hair growth lotions. Eating clean and drinking plenty of water result in strong healthy hair.
Abs are made in the kitchen, you can spend hours in the gym, however if you eat poorly, you will NOT get results. To get results, you have to be consistent. I chose to make it a lifestyle, so can you !!!
I am not where I want to be, however I have to give myself a pat on the back! Follow my transformation journey.
Everything I share is based on my own personal experiences! My goal is for my readers to feel “brend new” after reading my articles. I really hope to provide well-detailed information and tips about the topics discussed previously. Tap the right tab for your area of interest and enjoy reading.
  • I am not an expert in fitness but I hope I can inspire someone to be active. We can all inspire each other.
  • I have been on my hair journey since 2009 and I am a hairlista. I hope my posts help someone.
  • I am a chef in my kitchen, I truly enjoy cooking and creating and trying new recipes. I encourage people to cook more often .
I give a lot of idea, especially in the food category, however if you would like know the recipe for a specific food or any request on other topics, ask and you shall receive! It'd be my pleasure.
I will not only limit the content of this blog on just about FOOD, FITNESS and BEAUTY. This is lifestyle blog, therefore I plan on sharing anything that find interesting.
Much more coming up in the near future ( hair tutorial, cooking videos...etc)
Stay tuned and subscribe!