Healthy & Savory Meal Ideas

Here are some of my favorite meals that I eat on a daily basis.

  • Grilled salmon and salad mixed with a homemade champagne vinaigrette




  • Grilled shrimp with sautéed onions on a bed of field greens




  • Whole wheat pasta with lean beef meatballs



  • Crispy chicken shawarma made with whole wheat pita wrap




  • Grilled chicken with salad




  • Jerk wings with grilled plantains, salad,& sautéed onions and tomatoes



  • Spicy sautéed shrimp on a bed of salad



  • Grilled shredded tilapia and quinoa& kale




  • Baked Chicken Breast & SaladIMG_20160518_234824


  • Salmon, Kale & Tomatoes



  • Braised Chicken Breast and Sauteed Spinach& VeggetablesIMG_20160518_234552


  • Beef “Nachos”: Lettuce instead of chips, topped with greek yogurt and lime juice as a substitute for sour cream and a pinch of cheddar cheese.


  • Smoked Salmon and Lettuce as an appetizer


  • Baked Chicken Breast , Rice and Lentil and Mediterean Cucumber SaladIMG_20160518_234501


  • Baked wings accompanied with iceberg lettute, tomatoes and onions.



IMG_20160519_001827 (1)
Drizzled a homemade dressing made out of greek yogurt, minced garlic, olive oil, lime juice and oregano.

 Breakfast Ideas

  • Banana pancakes drizzled with 1 tablespoon of raw honey and bacon




  • Omelet with turkey bacon,onions and tomatoes served with spinach pastry, and French toast for brunch



  • Spinach and cheese omelet, slices of seven grain bread, scoop of avocado, turkey sausage and bacon

IMG_20160604_120021 (1)

  • Turkey bacon and cheese omelet served with fresh cut pineapples









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