Great Things Happen To Those Who Plank

Summer ’17 is 72 days away !!!! Summer bodies are made in the winter, that’s what they say! I took this advice two years ago and that was one the the best decision ever!! I admit that fitness became a lifestyle , health over everything . When you focus on health, your body eventually benefits, hence nice abs, slimmer , toned body, muscular….

I strive to work out almost every day if I can. However that isn’t always the case , but nevertheless ,3 times a week is a MUST ! I have to admit that I’ve gone one to weeks without working out at times ! However I made sure my clean eating was on point ! Doing that, I’ve been able to maintain my weight !!

Now , let’s talk summer bodies ! Are you ready ? If not ,it’s ok!! You still have time to put in some work and get ready! If weight loss is your goal , you can have great progress in two months ! If you just wanna tone up and get leaner , you can as well !

As for myself, my happy weight is 140-145lbs! For the sake of this post , I just hopped on the scale and I’m 143lbs as of now , but today was cheat day!!! I just ate ribs, brisket….etc ! I hope to reach my ideal weight before my birthday in August !! But I’m content with my current weight thus my primary concern is to tone up and get some abs! Y’all know that I’m team big thighs and yes big thighs save lives honey ! **Running up a hill and cycling definitely helps with toning my thighs , less jiggles !**

If you want to work on abs ,then this post is just for you .Plank challenge it is !
Challenge will begin tomorrow! Simply add a plank exercise  to your normal workout routine ! Even when you do not work out , do some planks ! There will be rest days so don’t worry , you’ll get a break !

It is vital to have the correct form  , whether you’re lifting, squating, planking …

Working out at the gym is a plus because there are giant mirrors all around me , so I get to correct myself as I work out! Your workout is not effective if you do the exercises incorrectly!

Let’s plank correctly :

1. Get in push up position

2.Bend elbows, your weight should be rested on your forearms not your hands

3. Your body should be aligned straight from shoulder to angle

4. Suck your belly button into your spine in order to engage your core muscle

5. Last but not least , hold!!!

Tip: set up a timer !!

Tomorrow, April 10th  will be day 1



Here are some dos and don’ts for planks.

In addition, don’t forget to eat clean and drink PLENTY of water ! Drink at least half of your body weight , if you can drink a gallon,go for it, you rock!!!

Good luck to those who will join the challenge! As always take before photos so you can track your progress at the end of the 30 days! Tag #brendnew on ig , or comment below !!! Let’s go!!!

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