Skin Regimen

Daily routine

  1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser
    *First, make sure to wash your hands with soap. Keep your hands clean at all time*.
  2.  Rinse face with warm water and then apply a quarter size of cleanser in your hand and begin to gently massage product onto face in circular motion then rinse off with warm water.

2.Pat dry with a clean towel. Don’t rub!!!! Just pat dry, be gentle.

3. Apply a toner on cotton ball and begin to rub in circular motion.

4. After toner dries off,  apply an oil-free lotion
**For daytime, make sure to apply a sunscreen after face moisturizer**



From left to right: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for normal to oily skin, Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel, Trader’s Joe Oil-Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer, Estee Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi- Protection Anti-Oxidant Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 15


Weekly Routine and Description of Products

Once a week, I do a facial spa. I try to be consistent so I do that every Sunday.

The spa treatment is similar to my daily routine, what makes it a spa is the relaxing experience. Have a glass of wine and put your favorite type of music on 🙂

For the spa, you will need :

1) facial cleanser. I like using the castile Soap Peppermint because of the minty smell and tingling effect . Feel free to use your regular cleanser as well.

2) Homemade Sugar and Lime Juice Scrub

Having sensitive skin, many products irritate my skin. The strong scent causes my face to break out terribly.

I avoid this chaos by making my own natural scrub. Lemon is a natural source of vitamin, it is quite acidic. It helps even out skin tone. When mixing it with sugar, it serves as an excellent exfoliator.

Gently massage in circular motion


3) Steam!!!!

After steaming, use a stainless steel blackhead remover to squeeze out any blackhead. Never pop a pimple using your bare fingers. Pass the remover on the chin , upper lip, nose corners to collect excess grease.

3) Masque.

Mix the clay with raw unrefined apple cider vinegar. Add a little at time, mix until you get a yogurt-like consistency. Apply to your face and wait until face is sculpted to rinse with cold water.

Bentonite clay as a face masque removes all toxins and impurities. When it is hydrated, it creates an electrical charge. Therefore, do not let your clay be in contact with any metals. If you do, you will reduce its effectiveness. I suggest you use plastic utensils.

After steaming, it is understandable that your pores are open. Another benefits of a clay masque is that it closes the pores.

4) Toner

It is best to use a mild toner. I have oily skin and I always believed I needed something strong to combat and prevent the oiliness. I was wrong. When using harsh toners, they strip away all oils including the natural oils from your face. As results you produce more oil. Harsh toners have a high alcohol and scent content. If you have sensitive skin and your toner smells like perfume, trash it.

I found out about witch hazel because my dermatologist recommended it to me. Therefore, take my word for it , HA 🙂

For the longest, I was using Dickinson’s Witch Hazel. Although it has 14% alcohol(which isn’t much by the way), it worked fine.

Once I found out that there was a purest form of witch hazel, I decided to take the plunge, I have to say that it is indeed more gentle.

Using witch hazel as a toner gently removes any excess dirt without stripping your face out of its natural oil. It soothes the skin leaving it fresh and clean. It helps prevent excessive oiliness which causes breakouts. Overall, it is great for acne-prone skin.

5) Moisturizer

Don’t you hate when you use a moisturizer and your face looks like a greasy ball right after? if yes, you aren’t the only one. Living in this Texas heat, you tend to sweat as soon as you step outside. Your face will eventually get oily, yeah, yeah, yeah BUT it is disappointing to start the day with an oil face. I’m glad to finally found a product that moisturizes and nourishes my skin without adding any additional oil.


That concludes my face regimen. After many trials and errors, this is the regimen that works for me and it has been 1 year since I have been blemish free 🙂

I hope this helps someone ,

Thanks for reading, as always if you have any comments or concern, leave a comment below.

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