Kiss Acne Goodbye!

First and foremost, I think it is very important to understand what skin condition you are dealing with. In my case, I dealt with very severe acne. Acne is a very common skin disease that occur due to unbalance of hormones and clogged up pores. It is very common and it results in pimples(painful pimples for me unfortunately).

The #1 advice I have for anyone that has acne is to seek professional help FIRST. See your dermatologist. There are different kinds of acne and they can be caused by numerous things. Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you. Therefore, after seeing a dermatologist, I took prescription pills for 3 months which helped balance my hormones and helped a lot. The pimples were 90% gone. Besides the medication, here is a list of what helped improved my skin 🙂

  1. A healthy diet ( eating clean and drink PLENTY of water, half of your body weight or half a gallon, if you can drink a gallon, you’re the real MVP 😉 )
  2. A good skin care regimen( after trial and errors, I now know what works and what does NOT work)
  3. Not touching my face( do NOT pop pimples with your fingers, doing so will worsen your acne and leave scars)
  4. Changing my bed sheets daily, using a new face towel daily. Just keep everything clean and sanitized, your face is very sensitive.

Lastly, be consistent and patient. Acne does not go away overnight, it takes time, just be consistent with your regimen and you will see results in no time. After taking pills for the first time, I could see a difference after day 3.  Incorporate a healthy lifestyle and good regimen and you will see good results in no time!!!

Don’t you worry, I am here to share exactly what I did to get rid of my acne. Check out my skin care regimen Skin Regimen .

From left to right: Before and after


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