Avlon Affirm Dry and Itchy Scalp Relaxer Review and Relaxer Process

Avlon Affirm Dry and Itchy Scalp Relaxer is a four-step relaxer system that straightens and conditions the hair .

It is designed to also reduce dry and itchy scalp.

The Four Steps

It is highly recommended by Affirm that you use all the products in the relaxer system.

Step 1: Affirm Protecto


It is a pre-relaxer conditioner that penetrates deep within the hair fiber during relaxer when hair’s pH is relatively high and the cuticles are wide open.


• Effectively repairs damaged areas along the hair shaft.

• Smooths and realigns damaged hair fibers.

• Tames fly-aways and repairs split ends.

• Eases wet combing and minimizes shedding.

• It is water soluble so easy to rinse.

Step 2: Affirm Dry and Itchy Relaxer


Affirm® Dry and Itchy Scalp Creme Relaxer is an innovative Guanidine Hydroxide relaxer formula that incorporates liquid crystalline technology for beautiful straightening and silky smooth hair.


Sensitive scalp formula provides maximum scalp comfort without sacrificing straightening. Retains up to 75% of fiber elasticity to keep hair stronger.

Step 3: 5 in 1 Reconstructor

This reconstructor is an amazing post-relaxer conditioner that normalize the hair after relaxing while depositing substantive conditioners deep within the hair fiber.

P.S: the dry and itchy formula is available for the reconstructor as well.


• Fortified with advanced fibrous conditioning agents that penetrate deep into hair fiber making hair permanently conditioned, as it is being normalized.

• For use on damaged, fine or limp hair

• Enriched with Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, Buriti Oil, Keratin, Ceramide III and Fruit Extracts.


• Increases fiber elasticity and tensile strength.

• Re-aligns, seals and smooths hair fibers.

• Minimizes breakage and shedding.

• Detangles and imparts body.

• Restores hair to its normal pH.

Step 4: Affirm Normalizing Shampoo

The two shampoos posted below are pretty much the same. Don’t worry if you can’t find the dry and itchy one. The dry and itchy scalp shampoo will be more soothing and beneficial to those who have scalp issues.

A moisturizing formula that ensures complete normalization after relaxing by removing all residual traces of relaxer from hair.


• Rich moisturizing formula with advanced conditioning agents.

• Contain milder cleansers that lather beautifully.

• Features a color indicator to confirm normalization and removal of all traces of relaxer oils.


• Cleans beautifully.

• Helps re-align and close cuticles.

• Leaves hair tangle-free.

After finishing the 4 steps, it is advised to follow up with KeraCare Care products.

**Kera Care and Affirm are both manufactured by Avlon Industries.**

Therefore , as the fifth step, one can use Keracare Humecto Conditioner to deep condition.

Once I decided to try the relaxer , I started looking for the missing pieces. Luckily, I was able to find two of the products at my local beauty beauty supply store.

I bought the 5 in 1 Reconstructor and the Normalizing Shampoo. There was no way I was going to relax my hair if I didn’t find these two. I checked a few other stores and I couldn’t find the Protecto. Ordering it online would have taken time , my hair needed to be relaxed as soon as possible.

Instead of using the Protecto, I used the Roux Porosity Control conditioner to protect my hair. By the way , it’s my usual pre-relaxer conditioner.

The Roux Porosity Control and the Affirm Protecto are similar.

The Roux Porosity Control Conditioner adds a barrier of protection to achieve predictable results prior to chemical service Conditioner to equalize porous chemically treated hair.

Therefore, I felt like it was a great alternative. It also helped me detangle my hair , I didn’t apply it to the new growth.

My Relaxer Experience

I didn’t wear my hair out for a week. I kept it in two braids or a bun so it would stay tangle-free. I also didn’t scratch my scalp. I made sure I didn’t work out on relaxer day. If you do workout , make sure you do so hours prior to relaxing so your scalp and roots aren’t damp.

Step 1: Hair Protection(Scalp and previously relaxed ends)

•I parted my hair in 4 sections.

The back of my head

•I based my scalp with a petroleum based jelly scalp base. I love this scalp base because it easily melts as you scoop it out the jar. It also has a tingling effect. It does a great job protecting the scalp.

Basing the scalp is so important. It will prevent chemical burns.

•I applied the Roux Porosity Control on my previously relaxed ends omitting the new growth. After the Roux Conditioner was applied , I used a big tooth comb to detangle and remove shed hair.

Detangling after applying the Roux Porosity Control Conditioner

•For extra protection, I sealed the hair with petroleum jelly.

Roux and petroleum jelly on the relaxed ends

••I don’t want the relaxer run-off to affect the overprocess the relaxed ends. So I’m always up to double protection.••

Step 2: Mix the activator with the base.


I mixed thoroughly and applied to my new growth starting with the back sections. I went back and smooth with my fingers just once. I applied the relaxer on my nape and edges last and did minimal smoothing.

**This is a review for the relaxer , not a how to relax blog post. Therefore , there is no footage of the relaxer application on the new growth **

The jar seemed so small and I thought I needed two jars. But once you mix the activator, you get a good amount of cream. For a touch up, one jar was plenty for my hair .

I have sensitive scalp and this gave me great comfort. For my hair type, 18 minutes was recommended. So I applied and smoothed within that time frame. I was moving really fast . I was done at 16 minutes actually.

Compared to other relaxers I’ve used , this relaxer rinses off easily! As I was rinsing off the relaxer , I felt a nice slip and my hair wasn’t dry at all. It felt like it didn’t even need conditioning.

Step 3: 5 n 1 Reconstructor

IMPORTANT : please rinse for at least 3-5 minutes before you add anything to your hair. This is a common mistake many make(I used to make that mistake). We are so quick to rinse and move on to the next step. Rinsing thoroughly will stop the relaxer from processing .

After rinsing the relaxer thoroughly, the 5 n 1 Reconstructor was applied to the hair. I left it on for 5 minutes as recommended and rinsed . My hair felt pretty strong.

Step 4: Normalizing Shampoo

This step is so important. You always want to neutralize the hair after relaxing. I love the fact that this shampoo lather will have a pink stud to indicate that you still have relaxer present in your hair .

I neutralize three times ! I usually neutralize more than that but no need to with this professional relaxer system. It rinses off so easily.

The first time I neutralized, I let it sit on my hair for 15 mins.


The second time, I let it sit for 10 minutes .

The third time , I let it sit for 5 mins .

I love the shampoo because it wasn’t stripping.If you have used the KeraKare Detangling shampoo, you will think it is the same. They both have the same smell and feeling.

Step 5: Moisture-based Penetrating Conditioner

I relaxed , applied a reconstructor(protein) , neutralized , the hair now needs moisture!

I deep conditioned for an hour with Silicon Mix Bambu. I applied the conditioner and went to the gym; that explains why I left it on so long. I usually do 25-30 minutes.

Step 6 : After rinsing off the Silicon Mix , I applied Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner to detangle and it was a breeze. And I love the smell of that conditioner.

My hair felt so supple and moisturizing. The silk was off the chain!

Step 7:

I usually apply a leave-in and seal . But with the cold weather arriving , I am making slight changes in my regimen.

First , I applied my all time favorite leave -in: Lotta Body Leave-In. It is light yet moisturizing

Then, I applied the As I Am Moisture Milk. My hair loved it . By the way, it was a staple when I was natural.

Lastly, I applied my Paul Mitchell Serum to seal it all of that moisture.

I prefer using a serum to seal(when I rollerset) as opposed to an oil because with a serum, my hair resists the humidity( I live in Texas by the way). Also, I notice that it does a great job at locking in all the moisture I put in my hair.

Step 8 : Styling

I did a rollerset and sat under the dryer for 40 minutes.

Results: Silky , soft, moisturized,lightweight hair that smell amazing. My hair doesn’t have the fresh relaxer feeling , it was full of body.

Silky with some texture

My honest thoughts about my relaxer experience with the Affirm System

Well, I’ve listed all the benefits above and I can attest that I see a significant difference in my hair .

I love the bone straight look with no texture however, I learned that it’s vital to leave some texture for tensile strength and elasticity of the hair. This relaxer provided these results.

The relaxer fully straightened but the result is more of a kinky straight texture. Overtime , the hair overall will be way thicker.

With my sensitive scalp, I want to make sure I’m not using anything that is harsh on my scalp. This relaxer gave me great scalp comfort. No burning.

I like the fact that the consumer gets to control the strength by measuring the amount of activator you pour out.


• Thorough instructions/ easy to use.

•The entire system has great benefits of the scalp and hair. My scalp wasn’t irritated and my hair felt strong and moisturized.

•The normalizing (neutralizing) shampoo is color coded


• The Affirm Dry and Itchy Relaxer components(shampoo and reconstructor) are not readily accessible in beauty supply stores compared to the regular version. You have to order online on select websites.

• Many beauty supply stores have some of the products of the relaxer system, some just have the individual relaxers.

•Even online, there aren’t many websites to buy the relaxer from.

•The entire system is on the pricey side compared to other relaxers.

•There isn’t a bundle deal. The consumer has to buy everything separately.

I would recommend this relaxer to anyone who relaxes their hair . They also have a lye version.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed professional. This was my honest review after self relaxing my hair .M. I’m just sharing what worked for me.

Sources: Avlon.com and Amazon.com

If you have any questions , feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.


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