Sautéed shrimp

Happy Sunday! I just made this and I knew I’d get requests on this recipe so here it is. Nothing fancy, this is one of my quickest and delicious dish to prepare.

Start with half a pound of fresh shrimp. Be sure to clean thoroughly. 

Add minced garlic 

Two tablespoons of garlic, parsley, lime juice paste .

Add red pepper and salt

Add paprika 

A pinch of garlic

Mix well and let it marinate 

In a pan, add 3 tbps of olive oil and set on medium heat 

Add the seasoned shrimp

Add black pepper and cover the pan and let it steam for 4 minutes. Then, grill for 3 mins on medium heat.

​[wpvideo yGyCzHuV]​
​[wpvideo hM0efiyf]​
All done !!! 

I decided to serve my shrimp with fried rice, I also had some salmon that I prepped last night ! I was so hungry lol. That’s my brunch 😉 

I hope this was helpful!! I just devoured this and it was slap ya mama good !!

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