Journey to Waistlength Regimen And All About Protective Styles

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you’re a hair lover like me and curious about my regimen. I love talking about things I love such as hair and I don’t mind sharing all of my “secrets”.

I almost reached waistlength when my hair was relaxed but then I decided to transition and big chop to see what my natural hair was like. Let me keep this short and to the point. I attribute all my length retention to protective styles. If you use them properly, your hair will thrive.

What are protective styles ?

Protective styles are styles that allow your hair to have a break and prevent it from over manipulation which causes breakage. If you find yourself combing and brushing everyday, your hair will start breaking and although it may grow, you won’t retain as much.

Examples of protective styles 

Any styles that keep hair away from your shoulder and tucked in. Sewins, wigs, braids , twists, buns…etc!! Those styles can be with or without extensions.

Protective styles with natural hair(Buns)

Sew ins and wigs 


[wpvideo LDF3znv4]

Is protective styling for you ? 

Trial and error is key! I used to wear my natural hair out and it was nice. I enjoyed wash n gos, braidout , twistouts but I wasn’t happy with my retention. I started experiencing with sewins and boom, I went from shoulder length to past arm pit length. I know what works for me. Protective style may or may not be for you for many reasons . Some just hate the idea of wearing weave and that’s fine, to each their own. Hair is like an accessory, it isn’t that serious. I like to have fun with my hair. Not only I retain length, but I get to play with different textures, color and lengths. My goal is to reach waistlength and I will with protective styling .

If you don’t like wigs and weaves , try bunning your hair. There are so many styles, you just have to go on YouTube and search for them.

I do enjoy my hair and wear it out but I just incorporate protective styles more  because they’re beneficial.

Let’s protective style the right way 

If you choose to protect your hair , you have to do the following:

  1. Brush/comb gently from in sections from tip to root while your hair is saturated with conditioner or oil.
  2. If you can’t wash your face after getting a protective style , then it’s too tight and you’re likely to suffer from traction alopecia, hence no length retention. Say hello to baldness.
  3. Cleaning your scalp and hair regularly: weekly or biweekly. Whatever works for you. Yes us black people can’t shampoo daily! At least once a month! Mkkk?
  4. Massage your scalp to stimulate hair growth using a natural oil. I love Jamaican black castor oil.
  5. Keep it moisturized ( deep condition, leave in conditioner …)
  6. Be gentle! Treat your ends like an egg! Your ends are the oldest part of your hair so they’re fragile. Do hot oil treatments, keep them protective
  7. Try to stay away from heat : don’t use heat more than once a month .
  8. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. It all start from the inside. Don’t expect to have healthy hair if you aren’t getting the proper nutrients
  9. Don’t keep a protective style for more than two months !
  10. Seek the right hair stylist ! Not all hairstylists know about hair care. Sigh,that’s the reason why I do my own hair . When mama (hairstylist) is with me, I’m lucky to have her do my hair. She’s the only one I trust.

My current regimen 

I have been using sew ins for months to retain length. They are also so convenient and I don’t have to stress about doing my hair . I wake up at 5 to go to work and get off late. I ain’t got time to style my big natural hair everyday.

Current Regimen

I have the simplest regimen ever . Life is so simple don’t complicate it. Keep it simple sista.

  1. Aphogee two step treatment bi monthly
  2. Hot oil treatment as prepoo
  3. Detangle with conditioner before washing
  4. Wash with tea tree shampoo
  5. Deep conditioning under hooded dryer or steamer for 30 mins
  6. Use tshirt to dry hair
  7. Apply leave in and section
  8. Blow dry on low/cool hair
  9. Oil scalp
  10. Corn row hair

I do this monthly! Except for #1

I wash and condition my cornrows in between

Before detangling
Lightly detangle with coconut oil
Apply aphogee two step on dry hair every two months. I love this stuffs , makes the hair strong and drastically reduces breakage
After applying aphogee! Sit under a hooded dryer until it hardens.
Feels like brick ! Now time to rinse and shampoo
I use this and Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo!! Love the tingle on my scalp
Apply this conditioner on hair to deep condition

Apply conditioner and finger detangle
Apply shower cap and sit under hooded dryer for 30 mins
So soft to the point the comb is blinding through so easily!!
I use this as a detangler!! Very light weight
I use this as my leave in !!

Naked hair!! Right after rinsing conditioner
After I detangle and apply my leave in , I do medium size twists to air dry before I blow dry my hair to stretch it

I apply this to my hair when blow drying !! So moisturizing

I deal in the moisture with this pomade!!!

I apply this oil on my scalp

Stretched hair. My shrinkage is so crazy, that it is impossible to style without stretching it .

Cornrows for wig 

I always cornrow my hair to wear my wigs!! I also moisturized with cantu cream as I was blow drying

I also use oyin handmade pomade to seal in the moisture

I also oil my scalp using warm Jamaican black castor oil. Let somebody do it for you and let them massage your scalp! It feels so good !! I also apply some on my ends.

​I swear by protective styling ! I hope this helps someone who is looking trying to healthily retain length .  Remember the dos and don’ts!

If you have any questions , drop them below .


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