Review: Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit Charge HR

How I landed on Fitbit Products?

I always wanted to know how much calories I was burning during my workouts. For one year, I was oblivious of the amount of calories I was burning. I was so thrilled to receive one as a Christmas gift. Score!!

The flex worked well and I never had any technical issue with it. Unfortunately, one day while shopping at the mall, as I was trying out clothes, it accidently slipped off  my wrist and I did not notice it until later on. I had no luck finding it, it was gone!!!

They only offer free replacements only if the device is damaged or has technical issues. The one-year warranty does NOT cover lost or stolen gadgets.

I have to note that they have an excellent customer service. Even though they could not replace since mine was lost, they offered me a ONE TIME 15% discount on any Fitbit products.

As a result, I ended up upgrading to the Fitbit Charge HR.



Flex : $99                                               HR: $111 with discount & free shipping

                                          Battery life:

They both claim 5 days. However, I have to charge every 2 days.

                                         Charge time

Both claim 120 mins which is in fact true.

                                         User Interface

Flex: Led Lights                                                  HR: OLED Screen


Flex: black , slate, navy, tangerine, teal     HR: black, slate, blue, burgundy

As you open both the box for each device, you will find:

  • USB charger
  • Wireless Syncing Dongle
  • Wrist Band

**There is a quick start manual in the HR and NOT in flex.**

Now, let’s move on to more exciting things because we purchase these devices because of the feature they offer.

What do they measure ?

Here is a list of things they BOTH measure :

  1. Activity/ Inactivity
  2. Calories Burned
  3. Distance
  4. Sleep Quality
  5. Sleep Time
  6. Steps

Both devices have 6 things in common.  Now, the reasons why the HR sparked my interest is because of these features:

  1. Calories Intake(Nutrition)
  2. Elevation/stairs
  3. Heart Rate

Whether you are trying to gain or lose weight, tracking your calories can be helpful and vital. Also, knowing your heart rate is good because we try to maintain a target heart rate during exercise and avoiding under or over training.

Additional Features

They BOTH have:

  1. Alarm Clocks
  2. Goal setting
  3. Online Portal
  4. Activity and sleep reports

**It is interesting that the Flex has a reminder and the HR does NOT.**

They are both compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X and Windows. They can be easily synchronized as well.

They Flex and HR are both water resistant.

With both devices, you can set a goal. For example, if you have your goal set for 10,00 steps, it vibrates.

Overall, I prefer the HR because it offers more features. Also, you can get all data by simply tapping or pressing the button on the watch. With the flex, as you get active, the blinking dots increases. In order to get the data, you have to look at your phone after synchronization.

When I had the flex, I had to wear an additional watch. No more fitness bands, hello fitness watches because the HR, you get the time, no need to wear a watch.

They are worn comfortably, however the flex tends to slip off easily, hence that is how I lost it. The HR is well attached and feels secured.

What you decide to buy will depend on your needs and budget. Whatever you end up buying, just know that you will be kept active everyday.

I love both devices, but I am extremely pleased with the HR because if I am not using a gym equipment such as a thread mill or elliptical(my favs by the way),I can still get my heart rate.

I would recommend the HR especially if you want to gain or lose weight. For example, you need a calorie deficit to lose and a surplus to gain. One way is to have an app such as FitnessPal, LoseIt( Fitbit is linked to those by the way). Instead of downloading an extra app to count your calories, you have everything on the fitbit app. Isn’t it awesome ?

Data from Charge HR



Fitbit offers newer gadgets such as the Blaze and Surge that have more features. As I progress in my fitness journey, I may upgrade. As always, I will always keep my readers updated and of course will do a review an honest review.

P.S I was NOT sponsored. I used the flex for 5 months and had the HR for 2 months so far.

If anything happens, I will definitely do an update.

Hope this was helpful, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!!






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