Little reminder to stay or get motivated!

If you’re reading this, it is probably because you need to get back on track or looking for ways to keep your fitness journey exciting.

We all know what happens when boredom strikes. We tend to overeat, eat junk food…. In addition, if you are continuously doing the same workout routine everyday, you will get bored and will  dread going to the gym.

Say NO to boredom!!! Add some excitement to your life by spicing things up …

An important rule in fitness is to work out at least 3 times a week(umm, that doesn’t always happen but #Goals) . Your activity level is measured by how much you are moving around. It does not have to be a sophisticated workout routine. Even if you are just walking for 30 minutes,  you are still on the right track. The key word is MOVE. Park a little further when going to the store ,that way you get some extra steps, take the stairs instead of the elevator… A little goes a long way, slow and steady wins the race. Every bit of effort makes a big difference. Think about the bigger picture. You got this !!!

Refrain from using fitness solely for weight loss or gain. What’s going to happen when you reach your goal?  You will eventually be in the maintenance phase! Trust me ya’ll , maintaining is just as challenging as losing or gaining. However ,if you make fitness a lifestyle, it won’t be too difficult.

Just like you have to eat and drink to survive, think of working out as an essential component of your life style, a must. Of course, everyone can’t workout due to health issues, but if you can, by all means ,do so!!! Your body and health will forever thank you.

I posted not long ago on one of my social media page “you never know who you inspire”. Seeing workout videos and pictures motivates me to get my butt up and do some jumping jacks !

As a summary, here are my tips on how to get and stay motivated :

1. Surround yourself with like -minded individuals.

*In real life and on social media. I follow many trainers and fitness enthusiasts. I also get workout ideas from them too. Seeing people’s progress will inspire you.  If they can do it, so can you!

*Have a fitness buddy. Although my fitness buddy and I do not reside in the same city, we keep each other motivated . Every time we workout, we send pictures to each other (selfie at the gym, workout data, calories burned, miles walked, sweaty face photos, be sure to flex, ok? ). We are truly passionate about fitness so that comes naturally.  We also share meal plans. Don’t worry, I was not always passionate about fitness, but if you are serious about making it a lifestyle,  the passion will come if you try hard. Once you see results ,you’ll be even more passionate #cantStopWontStop #whoGonStopMeBoo.

2. Take progress photos at least monthly.

Well, I take one weekly or more( Insert laughing emoji)  but that’s just me. Anyways, the scale doesn’t lie, but it can sometimes be the culprit. The number on the scale decreases as you are losing weight (that can be fat or and muscle mass) .  You may or will get to a point where you find yourself wanting to tone up.  As you are toning, your are losing fat (awesome!!), but you are gaining muscle mass (yeahhhh, amazeballs!!!), therefore the number on the scale is slowly going to rise . You may get on the scale one day and panic.”Goodness Gracious! I’ve been eating right and working out and I gained 5-10lbs”. Don’t worry, it is a good thing,  although the number on the scale is higher, you will feel less jiggle.  If you take before and after photos, you’ll definitely spot difference.


3. Switch things up

If you eat the same meal everyday, you will eventually get bored. That’s the same thing when it comes to fitness. Check out my blog post on meal ideas.

Thanks for reading!



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