Fitness Must Haves/Cool Things to Have

You are probably wondering what to pack before taking on your fitness journey! Hum, let’s see… Well, there are things that you need and they are additional things that help out and make the journey fun.

Things you need:

Proper Workout Clothes

It is important to purchase workout clothes that are specifically made to exercise. I have shorts, pants, long and short sleeve shirts. Since I like to workout at the park, I dress according to the weather.

One tip is to be sure to choose a good fabric. I like both cotton and polyester/lycra fabrics. Here are some pros and cons you need to know.


*Pros: Comfortable

*Cons: It easily traps in sweat which causes your garment to be soaked. It is important for you body to cool down properly, especially in the summer. Cotton prevents it from doing so. It also causes blisters.

I wear cotton for light workouts such as walking, stretching, yoga…etc

Polyester/Lycra blend

*Pros: It repels sweat, allowing your body to cool down properly.

*Cons: Less comfortable

There are other fabrics, make sure you choose what best suits you and your workouts. Avoid fabrics that have a high percentage of spandex in them, they are rough and tend to irritate the skin.

Proper Workout Shoes

I am a daily jogger and I sometimes see adults and children running and playing with the wrong shoes(sandals for example). Injuries can be prevented by simply wearing the right shoes.


The more you sweat, the more you become dehydrated. Always have enough water.


If you ever had sweat getting in your eyes, you know it is the most painful thing ever, it burns!! Always keep a towel with you to wipe away the sweat.

Protect your skin outside

If you workout outside,  always wear sunscreen. It is best to workout when it is not too sunny , usually in the early morning or sunset.

Hair bands( for Long hair)

Always put your hair back, keeping away from your face.

Cool Things to Have:

A fitness watch

It tells you calories burned, steps, heart rate…etc) I love my fitness watch, I have had two fitbit gadgets in the past and I absolutely love them. Check out my Review: Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit Charge HR

I almost put the fitness watch in the “Must Haves section” , however I was able to get fit in the past without them. Wearing my watch keeps me motivated, I set a goal of 10,000 steps everyday and feeling my band vibrate on my hand is a victory. Also, it is fun engaging with friendly fitness competition with fitbitters.

The watch also tells me important data. I like to know about my performance. I always strive to do better than the previous day or at least maintain.

There are many brands out there. Feel free to do your research and choose what best suits you.

However, I would recommend a fitbit, you can check Review: Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit Charge HR to see why .

Waist Slimmer

Waist slimmer for workout ONLY( my ladies would  love this, wearing one helps sweat more around the waist area ). Ross and Marshall’s have them for $5.99-8.99 .

I hope any newbie finds this article helpful.

Thanks for reading.




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