Keep Your Head Up High, B.E.A.U.T.Y IS POWER

What an honor to have had the opportunity to be amongst phenomenal women who have and continue to make an impact in The Houston Community! This past Sunday, I attended the B.E.A.U.T.Y Mentoring Royal Tea Event that took place at the Buffalo Soldier National Museum.



The B.E.A.U.T.Y ( Biblically Edifying and Uniquely Training YOU) Mentoring was founded by Sherell Ogletree in 2013. She reminds us that the children of today will be the future. We often see so many children with full potential to excel but fail  due to not having a positive role model; needless to say sometimes they think they are not good enough and don’t believe in themselves. Sherell has changed the lives of many young girls by simply giving her time to empowering educate. Although, she’s a mother, wife, nurse practitioner , she is dedicated to provide her time and effort to make a difference!

Ashley Turner , first daughter of Houston also serves as the Co-Chair of the program with her background in the healthcare industry, she uses her platform to provide healthcare services to anyone she can reach !From convincing young girls not to cut themselves to making them know their worth, it is undeniable that Sherell and Ashley both deserve a round of applause !!!


From left to right : Sherell Ogletree, JJ Simmons and Ashley Turner

I am glad to say that they are more beautiful souls such had Sherell that were honored for their passion to spread love ,positivity and awareness to young girls !


Sherell Ogletree in the far right corner along with all her mentees.

Sylvester Turner, Mayor of the City of Houston was present to recognize all the strong and dedicated mentors and mentees. As a leader, he


Sylvester Turney and Kam& Niya

The honorees
Jillian”JJ”Simmons , veteran radio host from Cincinnati, Ohio recently published her first book “Without Bruises: The Journey to Hope, Help and Healing” She shares her experience on surviving domestic abuse!


JJ Simmon and her daughter

Terri Thomas, Operations Manager and program Director for 97.9 the Box, Majic 102.1 and 92.1 Radio Now also published two children’s books: J Mac is the Freestyle King and The New Kid. She is changing the world by mentoring people in the entertainment industry achieve their goals.

Philantropist, Clerenda McGrady, also founder of Project PUSH(Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled) has inspired and empowered many women  through providing scholarships. Her project has been very successful, she has donated nearly one million dollars in scholarships and refurbishment of two school library in Houston.

Nakia Cooper, digital Executive Producer and Content Manager for is also the first African American person to hold a position as web leader at a Houston television News station. She is also the vice president of multimedia for the Houston Association of Black Journalists. She also inspires younger girls through a mentoring organization called Sister 2 Sistah. During the event, she stated that with dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goal despite your background.


From left to Right: Kamryn Johnson, Nakia Cooper and Clerenda McGrady.

Kamryn Johnson and Saniya-Simone Scott, also known as Kam and Niya are kid entrepreneurs “kid-preneurs”. You had the chance to meet up at the Chicks With class Event, some of you may be familiar… they are the true definition of role models because they prove they aren’t any boundaries. You do not have to be a certain age to live your dream. At such young age, they have already published a children’s story cookbook “Cooking in Style”, they were guest hosts on the daytime show that many of us love “The Real”. They aspire to excel and be amongst Oprah and Beyoncé. I was delighted to interview the duo because at times, kids can relate when they see a successful person their age.


What advice do you have for kids your age?

Kam: I would say to start your dreams now, never give up, don’t let anyone push you down and keep your head high.

Niya: I’d say always strive, have a vision and make baby steps. The most important thing is to get started.

How do you manage school and your personal goals?

Kam: It is not that hard because my school is very supportive, I do some work in the car but at the same time , I focus on my school work because I love to get good grades but at the same time , I like to help other people but I manage by doing 50% work and 50% school. It is all about time management

Niya: My school is also very flexible and supportive. I get to practice some scripts. I am also a fast at learning and finish my work fast so I move on what I need to do business wise. I also take time in the car and plan things out.

These girls are straight “A” students. They put school first; but they also demonstrate that it is possible to follow your dreams at a young age.

I am glad that I attended the event, there was so much power in the room, I was inspired and had to network and meet many successful individuals. I hope that this article inspires you and together we can work TOGETHER to make this world a better place and it starts locally, if you are in the Houston area. Even if not, check out to see how you can donate or volunteer .

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As always, thanks for reading !!








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