Full-Flavored Broiled Wings( Recipe)

Hello my phenomenal foodies !!

Every time, I have a food post on social media, I receive great feedbacks from a lot of you. You have feasted your eyes enough, now it is time for a real feast!

So, this week for lunch, I meal prepped wings and veggies!

I hope you are in your kitchen , ready to get started 😉


About 15-20 wings
1 lime
Seasoning salt, parsley flakes, garlic powder
Fresh garlic, ginger root and parsley paste


Add all dry ingredients(teaspoon/each), parsley and garlic paste, mustard and freshly squeezed lime juice. I then sprinkled some Himalayan black salt. Mix well
Add red crushed peppers, a pinch of curry powder, black pepper and place in the oven on bake for 30 mins and then on broil for browning(15mins). I later added fresh jalapenos peppers(optional). I needed an extra “kick of flavor”.


After 45 mins

Voila!!!  .

These wings have a lot of bold flavors!! They’re so delicious. Eating healthy doesn’t mean bland. You can cut down on sodium but still season your meat to your liking ! Last but not least , I avoid frying 98% of the time; unless I am cheating(Which is also okay from time to time)

I decided to accompany my wings with steamed veggies


I hope this was helpful, try it out and let me know how you like it !

Bon appetit…

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