I’m Telling You 69 Things About me Because I’m Bored

Brenda is a young woman that :

  1. Believes in God 
  2. Fears God
  3. Learns from mistakes 
  4. Doesn’t claim to be perfect 
  5. Has common sense
  6. Does not give up
  7. Cares for others
  8. Is smart
  9. Is hardworking
  10. Thinks before she speaks
  11. Leaves the past alone
  12. Stays away from negativity
  13. Learns from experiences
  14. Doesn’t compare herself to others
  15. Never forgets birthdays
  16. Treats others as she wants to be treated 
  17. Forgives but stays away from the cause 
  18. Does not assume
  19. Does not pretend
  20. Believes in God’s timing 
  21. Independent 
  22. Inspires
  23. Is Patient 
  24. Is Kind 
  25. Is Beautiful 
  26. Is Proud 
  27. Is Private
  28. Is Honest
  29. Communicates
  30. Attentive listener 
  31. Gives advice to herself and others
  32. Wants to visit Japan soon
  33. Is funny( that’s what they say )
  34. Rarely drinks alcohol beverages
  35. But
  36. Makes delicious cocktails
  37. Travels
  38. Lives life with a purpose 
  39. Is happy 
  40. Celebrates others’ success
  41. Isn’t afraid to speak up
  42. Speaks English and French fluently 
  43. Is awkward(in a good way)
  44. Stays away from those who brag
  45. Is humble
  46. Is simple
  47. Smiles 
  48. Quickly distances herself from whoever or whatever that doesn’t add value to her life
  49. Works out
  50. Sometimes doesn’t feel like workout (like right now )
  51. Can get lazy
  52. Misses the old Disney channel and BET
  53. Misses good rnb music and rap 
  54. Listens to old school music all day everyday 
  55. Wanted to compete in a beauty pageant when I was 15-16
  56. Laughs all the time
  57. Hates plane vanilla icecream
  58. Loves chocolate just like herself 
  59. Loves fashion
  60. Thinks that high fashion doesn’t necessarily means expensive 
  61. Is a smart shopper(gotta save some coins)
  62. Does her own mani/pedi most of the time
  63. Loves DIY projects
  64. Finally taught herself to swim after many swimming lessons over the years
  65. Doesn’t like to post her good deeds 
  66. Likes to keep some things private
  67. Likes to make others feel special 
  68. Loves red(favorite color)
  69. Thank you for reading 
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