Summer Of 69

If you ask me what is Brend New , I’d say head over to Peli Peli!

Peli Peli is a fusion of flavors from European, Asian, African and American cultures. This melting pot restaurant curates perfect and special dishes by adding a lot of bold secret spices from South Africa .

Peli Peli debuted a brand new happy hour menu called “The Summer of 69” which features nine $6 appetizers. What a perfect way to start summer!

Sixteen Houston Food Collective members were invited to taste the new menu and of course brendnew could not deny the invite. I headed straight from work to Peli Peli. It was a celebration for me because I am officially on vacation, woohoo!!

The tasting took place at the galleria location. I’ve been to Peli Peli and I always go for the beef espetada. Today, I got to diversify my taste buds and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on so much goodness. It’s never too late and today was the start of my yummy discovery.

Let’s have some drinks

On the Summer of 69, you have the choice of three cocktails. It was a tough choice for me and I went with the South African Mojito which was not too sweet for me! I do not like overly sweet drinks so it was just perfect.

South African Mojito

If you are a mule lover, you’d probably go for the Madagascar Mule

Left to right :Madagascar Mule and South African Mojito.

If you have a mysterious side in you and want something unusual but yet flavorful, try the Cape Town Cucumber Martini.

Let’s Eat

There is not anything that I didn’t like from the menu. Every appetizer was delicious even the veggie taco and y’all know I’m a carnivore.

Espe-taco Veggie

This was different but I love discovering. It was good and I like the fact that no meat eaters have tasty options too.

Espe-taco Beef

Out of the three tacos, this was my favorite because I love the beef espetada and I love corn tortillas. I was surprised it didn’t have cheese and thought their was a missing piece but I as wrong. The bold South African spices and sautéed onions were just enough. Sometimes, less is more.

Chicken Espe-Taco

My second favorite, I had fun chewing and swallowing these delicious tacos. The cabbage was a a perfect finishing touch. Umm, so good!

Chicken Wrapped with Bacon

These sweet juicy chicken bites were so tender and delicious but also had a kick to the because of the guava sauce.

Fried Calamaris

These deep fried calamaris were perfectly cooked and were nice and crunchy. This is my 4th time having calamaris and I enjoyed them. Don’t forget to dip them in the Peli Peli signature sauce.

South Africa Flat Bread

I love flat bread and this reminds me of the Lebanese spiced pita bread. I loved it and the vegetable stew was a great accompaniment.

Frikadelle Meatballs

Yum yum yum yum yum is all I have to say.

Gorgeous view from the interior.

Frikadelle Sliders

The brioche like bread was so fresh and soft. This is not your average sliders! Another favorite of mine.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Scallops are tricky to cook because if they are overly done, they tend to get hard,chewy and tasteless. But now I know where to go eat some scallops. Peli-Peli scallops were still juicy and just melted in my mouth. Their signature creamed sauce was a great compliment to this seafood item.

If you have never been to Peli Peli, you definitely owe them a visit. The restaurant is very chic but yet intimate. Perfect for any occasions.

Last but not least, their customer service is AMAZING!!

I can’t wait for you guys to try the Summer of 69 menu, bon appetit!

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