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I’m tired of hearing life sucks ! No matter what I may go through, you will never hear me say that life sucks. Life rocks because God is always good. Good energy is very important , that is the reason why I decided to attend the Life Rocks Vision Board Party  this past Sunday, August 13th. The movement was founded by LisaRaye McCoy.
The event took place at the Bisong Art Gallery in Houston. 

Before entering the gallery
Bisong Art Gallery

The purpose of the gathering was to create Vision Boards. It was not your typical vision board party. It had a twist! 

Materials for the rough draft

I have never created an actual vision board. However ,I do plan and my mind is like a sponge. I have a vision of things I want to accomplish but I tend not to verbalize or write my thoughts but rather pray about them and work hard for my goals to manifest. 

I’m very open-minded and decided to listen. Sometimes, it is good to zip it, sit down and listen to what others have to say. This Sunday’s event was intimate .There were about ten women that partook in the discussion. We introduced ourselves and briefly talked about our short-term and long-term goals. It amazing that we all have a different story and background but do have something in common. We want to be a better version of ourselves and make a positive impact in a community. 

It is a LisaRaye event but the focus was each and everyone of us. Creating a vision board is personal. Her goal make an impact by speaking t others to believe in themselves and their visions, to not be afraid to set goals , to do whatever is possible to attain those goals. She is touring different cities to touch many hearts. There are so many untapped potentials in this world all because of fear. We tend think too low of ourselves. I say we, because I used to doubt myself when I was younger. I’m sure I’m not the only , no one is perfect. All is takes is a leap of faith, just do it ! Realistically, speaking, it is not easy. LisaRaye said that you may fall a few times but you can always get back up. You may encounter hardships, often get discouraged and want to give up. If you have a vision board, it is a great reminder of your destination. When you truly desire something, you pray hard but you also work hard to be a winner. God is testing our faith, if you put in effort and persevere, you should stay  calm and  believe. Just because a goal doesn’t manifest in YOUR time frame doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. God’s timing is often late and I’m at a place right now I’m putting  the puzzle pieces together and say to myself “wow, thank you God, I get it”. 

LisaRaye asked all of us to list all of our long and short-term goals and I had a hard time determining mine. I feel like I’m currently at a “peak stage”. Four years ago, I had no idea I’d be where I am today. Every year since 2015, I surprise myself and I’m speechless by the end of the year. Remember how I said that earlier that years ago, I used to doubt myself and thought about give up? Well, in 2014, as I was finishing up my last semesters of college, I was stressed about many things. I was eager to find the perfect job and desired to get this career. Today, I am where I wanted to be back in 2014. It seemed like an impossible dream, too good to be true. It was too good because it had to be true and I started speaking highly of myself and by the grace of God , it happened because I deserve it. Say it to to yourself !! Going back to the vision board I had to create … it was hard for me to come up with anything because I felt that I reached my peak. I am happy, I am a different woman, I have grown and matured  , I have learned from my mistakes. I know I am not done growing spiritually and financially. However it was hard for me to come up with a list because I am still celebrating my current success. Just because it was hard , doesn’t mean that I do not have any goals. I just had to reflect and think beyond. 

As the ladies were cutting up magazines, jotting notes, gluing… LisaRaye acted as the facilitator. I tell y’all ,she is gifted! She was speaking and inspiring us. Doing so made me think of one of my recent post “Whaf I Am Doing? What are you Doing?” I live everyday because I have a purpose. Success is defined differently depending on who you are talking to. Some define success by having luxury. That is fine. There isn’t a wrong answer. One shall do what makes him or her happy. I like nice things as well, however there is more to life. My idea of success to help others be success as well or even more successful; like LisaRaye, being able to touch and inspire others. My purpose of life is to make an impact. 

At the event, LisaRaye prompted us not to sit nearly a loved one. Your vision board should be for YOURSELF. When your goals manifest , people will see but in the mean time, sit down, be quiet and be humble( in my Kendrick Lamar’s voice lol).

I hope you guys understand but I am not going to share details about my goals. However, I want to continue to grow with Christ, excel in my career and new ventures and have positivity always around me. 

LisaRaye chatted that one thing she put on her vision board one year was to make more money but work less hours on set. She places her vision board in her closet because she gets dressed everyday. Everytime she walks in , boom it’s a reminder to keep pushing. One day, she walked in and realized that she indeed made more money and worked less that year, she cried out of excitement. 

Instead of having a picture in my head , yesterday, I wrote it all down , I drew my vision, gathered pictures from magazines, added a few sparkles just for the sake of having  a beautiful image. After I was done, I felt like Vincent Van Gho! My board was a splendid work of art. I placed it in a private area that I go to couple times a day 😉 

A the private party, I also listened to other women talking of how happy they were because they have accomplished everything they listed on their board the previous year. It is my first time doing it in paper and I love the idea. Doing it was calming and exciting. The ambiance was great , the hors d’oeuvres and unlimited mimosas set the perfect tone. 

When was the last time you cut up images from a magazines and glued them on a poster? For some of y’all, I bet it was since 2nd grade ,Hahaha. It’s ok, you may mentally plan your goals but I encourage everyone to try it out. Now, with LisaRaye, the experience is phenomenal. Hopefully, you are living the experience I had as you’re reading this post. 

Follow LisaRaye on instagram to keep up with her, she may come to a city near you. 

@therealraye1 on instagram

We shared many stories and laughs I must say. 

As a closing statement, I encourage you all to be open-minded and trying out a vision board if you haven’t . It isn’t just for ladies, it is meant for anyone. Even tell your kids to create one. 1. Start with a rough draft, draw a line through a sheet of paper to have two equal sections(short term goals and long term goals). 2. Categorize your thoughts. 3.Get a magazine and college that meaningful images that relate to your goals, glue and embellish your poster. You have to create something beautiful to be able to look at it everyday . 

4. Make sure you stay determined, work hard to attain those goals. It is your vision but you have to do what is necessary. You may feel tired at times or want to give up. Hopefully seeing this board will motivate you to always get back up. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!! 

Thanks for reading and good night !


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