What Am I doing? What Are You Doing?

Good evening my Brend New Framily!

The past two months have been so rough for me and for my family… losing a loved one unexpectedly is unbearable. I’m still hurting but life goes on. It is tough to move on , however everything happens for a reason. Every second , a child is born and at the same second someone loses their life. All of us will one day leave earth, if you are a believer like I am, you pray to live by god’s commands, have a purpose and one day live eternal life. 
Every morning, don’t forget to thank God for waking you up, also at night ,thank him for making it through your day whether it is good or bad. Talk to God more than you talk to your friends, parents…etc. Always put him first. Ask yourself why are you living ? What am I doing to make an impact here on earth. Some of us have careers that allow us to make a difference. I applaud us firefighters, police officers, doctors, teachers!! All of us can do something to change the world, even if your career doesn’t allow you to do so, start in your community. Volunteer at shelters, food banks , nursing homes, be present for someone who needs you, be a better friend , be someone’s friend, be a listener or speaker, motivate others to reach their full potential, make someone laugh, stop all kind of negativity, be positive. No need to be rich to do these things, it all start with a good heart. It feels good to know that someone didn’t give up because of you. 
Life is short, no one knows what god has planned for each and every one of us. Every new year or birthday, we wish each other longevity and prosperity, we pray to live a long fruitful life. However, God’s timing is different and we sometimes can’t comprehend it. That’s why we are hurt when someone we love passes away; especially if they are young ! 

    Knowing that my loved one had a purpose and made a difference puts me at peace. I know that she is in God ‘s arms resting in peace and began leaving eternal life, therefore I am stronger and better each day. 
You can either not do what you are meant to do and regret OR do what you are meant to do and be content . The choice is yours !
Good night/ Bonne nuit/ Buenas noches

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