281 To 210

Howdy!! Happy August !

If you aren’t from Texas, you may wonder what those digits mean. If you guessed area codes, then pat yourself on the back  because you are right. Houston(281) and San Antonio(210). There you have it .

It is necessary to disconnect to reconnect. Working your butt off is awesome but taking some time off to clear your mind is well needed; if you don’t you may get a nervous breakdown. It doesn’t always have to be far or out of the country. You’d be surprised of what you are missing out in your own state or city! Now, I visited those places before but they never get old. San Antonio is always a great idea. I was the tour guide and proudly played that role.
This past Sunday, I went to San Antonio, Texas for a nice little getaway.

At the Alamo!! Posing with the Alamo Rangers Checked out the new James Bowie exhibit.It is a must see!

Cameras aren’t allowed in most of the exhibits thus you would have to go there and see for yourself, sorry !!

River Walk! It never gets old…

More photographs were taken while on the calm boat river walk ride .

Flattest building I’ve ever seen

Have you seen the movie “Selena”? If yes, does this bridge look familiar? Simply beautiful!!

Now, y’all know I’m a foodie! I can’t do a travel post without showing y’all some deliciousness.

After the river walk, I was hungry and craved some authentic Mexican food. If you visit San Antonio, stop at Casa Rio. It is the oldest restaurant on the river walk. The food is bomb!

Best salsa ever , the nachos were so thin, fresh and crispy Oh my !! I ordered one chicken enchilada, two beef enchiladas. The other order was three beef tamales!! So delicious !!! Fajita plate! The meat was so succulent

P.S of course , I shared with my friends, I can’t eat it all duhhh!!

I wanted to try their Tres Leches cake (my favorite cake)but I was too full , next time .

I walked so much last Sunday. Fitbit counted almost 20,000 steps !! I worked out without even knowing it

What a day! I opted to stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel which is a 5 star hotel located on the east side of the river walk.

View from the 20th floor

If I had to rate this hotel on a scale from 0-10, I’d give it a 9! I’d definitely be back because I enjoyed their service . The room service is served by Ruth Chris and their breakfast as well.

Selfie Queen

For some river , my hotel didn’t have its own Snapchat filter (womp womp)

From San Antonio, I went to San Marcos for some shopping .

My excuse for this shopping spree: Life is short ! I promise not to go shopping until …. I won’t say haha

From San Marcos, I headed to the Austin State Capitol

Alrighty, this is it!! I’m back in Houston now . This getaway was well needed, they say a weekend well spent brings a week of content! My weekend was accompanied by great people, good food, lots of laughters , amazing site-seeings, awesome shopping spree! Just what I needed to unwind .

There is a lot to do in Texas, it is a beautiful state and I LOVE being a Texan.

I promise to do more travel posts. Count on me.

Love y’all,


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