Lately, I’ve been loving protective styles.In this previous article , I mentioned wearing buns. They’re so convenient. This week, I decided to step it up a notch by wearing wigs, which require less manipulation.

Why Wigs?

Wigs are fun. You get to experience different hairstyles, hair color and length without having to alter your hair. How great ! However, the main reason why I wear them is to give my hair a break for a longer period of time. With buns and ponytails, I take down the bun at night and redo it in the morning. I still dedicate about 5 mins on my hair every day and night. But with wigs, you can just throw it on and get going.

Wig Regimen

My weekly regimen doesn’t change when wearing wigs. I still prepoo, shampoo, deep condition,leave-in and moisturize and seal. Check here for my relaxed hair regumen

After moisturizing and sealing, I air dry and lightly blow out my hair on cool/low setting so it’s easy for me to prep my hair for my wig.

What’s Underneath The Wig?

  • Medium-sized cornrows
  • Medium-sized braids

I mostly did braids when I was natural and wearing wigs. Lately, I’ve been cornrowing. It’s easier when the hair is nicely stretched, hence the blow drying. Cornrows can be a lot of tension depending on how they’re done. I only trust myself or my mom. When we cornrow, we are very gentle. Make sure your hair is nicely detangled and lubricated. No breakage whatsoever.

You can always go the safer route but wearing plaits.

Scalp Care

For some reason, every time my hair is protected, my scalp itches. Am I the only one ? Well, I found something that works for me.

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On wash days, I apply the KeraCare Glossifier to my scalp. I love that it has a tingling effect. It helps prevent itchiness. I reapply it every two to three days to keep my scalp from being dry.

In lieu of the Keracare Glossifier, I sometimes use an oil concoction (olive oil with a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil)

Haircare With Wigs

I use water mixed with oil to moisturize as needed. I put the mixture in a spray bottle, after that, I use ORS Hair Lotion and seal with oil.

Save Your Edges

The first thing I do when I get a wig is remove all of the combs. Even after removing them, my wig still stay on my head and is nicely secured.

Type of Wigs

  • Headband wigs
  • U-part wig
Headband wig

If you want to know where I have purchased this wig, click here

Hairspells has great quality wigs at affordable prices. The headband wig is virgin hair body wave (20 inches) and doesn’t tangle.

I also bought a wig from Luv Me Hair last year. It is a U-part wig! The hair is Brazilian virgin and great quality.

Click here to purchase I picked Brazilian Body wave, 22 inches.

I’m itching for a weave , that way my hair will be tucked in for at least a month. Stay tuned 😉

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