Make Your Life Easier Doing Your Hair In Sections

Life is simple , we complicate it.

Deep conditioning, moisturizing& sealing as needed are so important but make sure you are doing it right.


• The more, the merrier. I do at least 4 sections. It’s easier dealing with small sections at a time.

•Small sections facilite detangling. You can avoid unnecessary simple but detangling one section at a time.

• Treat every strand equal.The ends are the oldest part of your hair but don’t forget about the new growth. You want your hair strong , healthy and moisturized from tips to roots !

•Even when relaxing , working in sections will ensure that the relaxer is applied all over the new growth.


I was inspired to talk about this topic because of a recent setback I had a month ago! I was tired and decided to go to a hair salon for a rollerset. The person who did my hair wasn’t licensed. I wish they informed me because while she was rinsing out the deep conditioner , she somehow tangled my hair. She also wasn’t applying the leave-in/ detangler in section! I stopped her and took matters into my hands. She wanted to detangle my hair with a fine tooth comb from roots to tips without sectioning !! Big no no ! Let that be a lesson to you as it was to me. Make sure whoever is doing your hair is doing the right thing.

This small tip makes a huge difference!

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