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On December 3rd, 2016, I was honored to be a part of the Holiday Brunch Gala hosted by Chicks With Class in Houston, Texas at the Omni Hotel. I love the brand and the image that they portray.

About Chicks with Class

Chicks with Class is an organization for young girls. Their mission is to make a positive impact  by empowering the youth community. They offer etiquette programs, empowerment workshops, brunches, day camps and host birthday celebrations at their ritzy venue.

For more info, check out www.chickswithclass.com , chicks_with_class on Instagram.

About the Holiday Brunch Gala

The Gala featured Skai Jackson of Disney Channel, Houston natives, Lyric Hurd, Young Lyric and Miss Black America Co-Ed, Roneshia Ray as the host. The atmosphere was phenomenal, positive perception of beauty was highlighted, young girls were celebrated. The young girls embodied high self esteem and confidence. It was truly a success.

I got the tea 😉

“Another woman is my sister, not my competition”. We can all empower each other and be successful. Your network is your networth. It is vital that you surround yourself with the right people meaning  people that you admire, people that will provide words of wisdom, people that lead by example. The goal of networking is to gain knowledge and encouragement. My interview with Skai  Jackson covered all of those key components.

Skai starred in  not just one serie but two Disney Channel series. She played Zuri in Jessies and also in Bunk’d.



Ashley Dunn, fashion stylist, brand influencer, philanthropist and #girlBoss Award recipient tells us her definition of a girl boss. Her speech was so uplifting to the young girls at the Gala. Miss Black America Co-Ed, Roneshia Ray, Margo Baines and Young Lyric also discussed about making a positive impact in society. Last but not least, the oh so adorable Lyric Hurd talked about her various achievements. She is only 6 years old, but yet so driven. Lyric Hurd is already inspiring others. Check out the video below for more


With determination and a solid support system, you can do anything you set your mind into. There was a vast representation of young entrepreneurs “Tweenpreneurs and kidpreneurs”. These young entrepreneurs are positive role models. They utilized their passion and turned their dreams into a reality at such a young age with hard word and perseverance.

OoOh, it felt so good walking out the gala feeling like Superwoman. I was definitely empowered, I networked with so many successful women. I always look forward to surround myself with great minds, and educate myself. No matter how much you know, the people you know can definitely take you to a higher milestone.

Chicks with Class Brunch photos



Kamryn Johnson @kamaandniya on Instagram. Kamryn and Saniya both have a cookbook with cool recipes for kids. Check out kamaandniya.com/products to find out more about these lovely young girls.






Left to right: Skai Jackson, Margo Baines, Roneshia Ray, Young Lyric & Lyric Hurd


Find them on Instagram(left to right): @kaijackson, thereallyricmichell , @lyrichurd and @moderndayqueen




I hope this post empowered ya’ll.



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