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What up y’all !!

I’m writing this with mixed feelings. Sadness and lots of wonderful memories in my mind. I love traveling and I have been to many countries in Europe,Africa and Asia but I’ve never been in Central America !

This past December and January I was in France and England and I had a great time. I wanted to change it up a bit and go somewhere tropical. There is a country that has been on my mind and bucket list for quite some times now and I’m a spontaneous planner. You better belize me when I say I had a great time !

When you think of Belize , there are so many wonderful cities to choose from. There is Caye Caulker, Placencia, Hopkins and last but not least San Pedro in Ambergris Caye.

They are all beautiful but I decided to stay in San Pedro for several reasons. Upon researching, I came across this beautiful resort and after reading reviews and getting real feedbacks from people on social media , I decided to make Brahma Blue my home for the next 5 days while I was there.

Brahma Blue is a private island that is 10 minutes away from San Pedro. You have take a boat to get there and the hotel will arrange that for you. Brahma Blue is so peaceful and beautiful and if you need a relaxing vacation , you better belize me and make it your choice. San Pedro has other wonderful places but it is full of life. Lots of music and noises at night. I’ve been worn out by work and needed a calming spot.


I flew in from Houston to Belize City! I rode a cab to the water taxi station and it is $25 per person. Even if you are with someone , you’d each have to pay so keep that in mind. Being Ivorian , I love to bargain and paid $20 lol.

I then got a ticket to San Pedro and it is $38 round trip.

Click here for more info about the water taxi

It is a 1hr30 minute boat ride from Belize City. It does stop in Caye Caulker as well.

Upon arriving , I heard are you ms.Brenda ? I said yes !!! I asked the young gentleman how he knew who I was lol! He then picked up my luggage and we got in a van and accompany me to another private boat station. I then met Dino, the wonderful captain and he took me to Brahma Blue. I was warmly greeted by the hotel staffs and I enjoyed a delicious complimentary rum punch! I then met Solani, who showed me everything and took me to my room and also answered all questions I had . She is wonderful!! Enjoy the photos I took of Brahma Blue

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[wpvideo QMhfOnZe ]

Click here to book your stay at Brahma Blue

Brahma Blue is top notch !! Whether you are alone or with family, it is the perfect spot. I LOVED it and I’ll be back at least once a year from now on.

**This is not a sponsored blog post! It is truly my honest opinion*** I know it will help someone out there and if you go, tell everyone I say hi and your host , Corrina Taylor is so awesome. Great customer service , they stay in touch with you before, during and after the trip !

If you book, tell them I (Brenda) sent you 🙂

What to do in Belize ??

Snorkeling, parasailing, flyboarding, jet ski all can be done in San Pedro! I wanted to sky dive but it was no longer available (womp womp). The best part is to enjoy a day at the beach !

You can rent a golf cart for $50 a day and go around town and explore. I was lucky enough to have one for free thanks to my wonderful friend Angie. Just filled up the tank as a courtesy when I gave it back but man I saved $50 !

We drove to Secret Beach which is about an hour drive.

Secret Beach

The water is so clear and we spend about three hours there.

[wpvideo pmm6fEeH ][wpvideo AUvvmhQE ]

Ziplining and Cavetubing

You can book all activities with a tour company. But as being adventurous, I preferred to rent a car and go out and about with my friend and I. Don’t worry , Angie lived in Belize for 12 years and knows her way around. Cave tubing and zipping , plus seeing one of the ruins can cost up to $375.

We left Brahma Blue at 6am and caught a jet at San Pedro airport and flew to Belize city . It was only 15 minuet flight . Compared to taking a water taxi and that’s 1hr 30 minutes . Timing was so important that day !

Check this out

I arranged a car rental and an agent picked us up at the airport and took us to the rental to pay. Check it out

It was about $80 with insurance.

We then drove all the way to the jungle !!

[wpvideo KB0fLHKe ]

Cave tubing was $30 and ziplining $35 !

Check this out for more info

[wpvideo 2dnZGUAf ]

Blue Hole

That same day, we also went to Belmopan and visited st.Herman’s Blue Hole National Park.

I also drove around Belize City!! You’ll hear , stay away from Belize city ! I find it beautiful. It reminds me of Abidjan. Everywhere you go , there is always the luxurious side and so not nice areas.

More photos of San Pedro


Best tacos I’ve ever had

This is a fry jack!! Belizean wrap deep fried with meat of choice stuffs inside .

Sushi from Blue Water Grill

Drinks from Blue Water Grill

Belizean Meat pie

Now this is Estel’s!!! Great breakfast there

Burger from the one and only restaurant in Brahma Blue !! So good !!! Well seasoned and fresh ground beef !

Now , you have got to try some of the local food !! Cheap and authentic!

One of the main dish : grilled chicken and rice and peas ! Delicious!

Another staple dish is the stew chicken with rice and peas !! Loved it !

I’m not a drinker but I drank Belize it or not

This is from the Not So Secret Beach Bar

This is my complimentary drink from Brahma Blue ! I’m so clumsy , I spilled it and they made me another one !! What a great way to start vacation LOL


Most of my clothes were ordered from Here !!!

Cool facts I didn’t know

English is the main language! Many speak creole. Sandwiched between Guatemala and Mexico, I assumed that Spanish was the main language! That’s why I live traveling!

No need to change currencies. US dollar is accepted everywhere. You may get your change in Belize dollars though.

There are many Afro Latinos compared to other Latin countries .

Unfortunately, I can’t write about everything ! I didn’t want this to be long so I focused on the highlights.

I want you to also have an un-belize-able experience ! I hope this somewhat helps and let me know if you have any questions.

I Love Belize and I’ll be back soon , I hope !

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