This is a list of no-lye and lye relaxer brands that I absolutely love and recommend.


Affirm Lye Relaxer
Affirm No-Lye kits

I’m starting with this brand because that’s what I’m currently using and will continue to use in the future. The Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System prepares the hair before, during and after the relaxer.

About The Relaxer

• It allows the hair to retain up to 81% of original hair elasticity with the lye relaxer(sodium hydroxide) and up to 76% hair with the no-lye relaxer(Guanidine Hydroxide)

•It improves hair porosity

•It increases the moisture in the hair

• it’s all loaded with quality ingredients

• With the Affirm relaxers, other components such as (neutralizing shampoo, conditioner…) are sold separately

My Experience

I am glad that I tried the no lye and lye version. Click here for a review of the Affirm No-lye Dry and Itchy Scalp . They both straighten well and leave texture in the hair. They are both great but I prefer the lye because it gets my hair straighter and also leaves texture. My scalp is super sensitive and these relaxers did not burn my scalp. The review on the lye relaxer is coming up very soon so stay tuned.

NOTE: In most cases, you need a licence to purchase and not easy to find. It is also pricier than other relaxers. All other components(neutralizing shampoo, conditioner …etc) have to be purchased separately.


About The Relaxer

•The relaxer kit contains the relaxer, neutralizing shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer.

•Provide increased straightening and shine

• Infused with argan oil

•Mild on my sensitive scalp. Be sure to thoroughly base the scalp before relaxing.

My Experience

This is the relaxer that I used for my virgin relaxer. I’ve also used it for touch-ups. For my virgin relaxer , I wanted lots of texture so I decided to use it to texlax. I later on switched to relax hair and used to for touch-ups and it did a great job straightening. My hair was so silky and straight.

Note: It’s affordable and readily available .

Creme of Nature relaxer result(wet hair).
Creme of Nature relaxer result(after rollersetting)


•This relaxer kit includes the relaxer cream , neutralizing shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer.

•It is infused with olive oil and natural herbs that help protect the hair during the relaxing process

•It does a great job at straightening and leaving the hair in good condition.

•Mild on my sensitive scalp. Be sure to thoroughly base the scalp before relaxing.

Note: it’s affordable and easy to find in most grocery stores and beauty supply store.

If your hair type is 4c, I recommend that you texlax with a regular relaxer as opposed to a texlax kit! ORS gave me great result.Click here to see the method I used
Relaxer result after using ORS!
Straight and healthy


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