The Olive Oil Restaurant

I love Greek food, so fresh, light and of course flavorful. I visited the Olive Oil Restaurant for the second time today.

The Food

Gyro Plate ~Traditional Gyro Meat, Pita bread grilled with olive oil, sliced gyro meat, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce.It was good. The pita bread was fresh and fluffy and the meat was flavorful.
I love the hummus and it’s such a scant amount for all the pita bread. Please give us more hummus. The bread is fresh, warm and fluffy.
I love the fried zucchinis! They’re served with tzatziki sauce. The fried zucchinis are so crispy and tasty.
The Athena- Lamb souvalki,lamb chop, beef souvalki, chicken souvalki, pork souvalki and shrimp souvalki
The Athena served with grilled zucchini and Gyro sandwich

The Athena- I ordered it last time I went which was 4 months ago and the beef and lamb was very tough. So I definitely didn’t want to order it this time around.

I saw they had a ribeye so I’m thinking okay, ribeye is a good cut so it’s safe to order that. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that. They convinced me to go with the Athena so I decided to give it another try.

Sadly, the meat was very tough. I believe that it’s just a bad cut of meat. I couldn’t even chew the lamb and beef so they returned it.

The lady then told me she was informed that they now have the ribeye so I went with that. For my side, I chose pilaf rice which was bland.

12 oz ribeye- I literally crossed my finger hoping for a better tasting experience. It was okay. It tasted like they just cooked it in oil. No salt or pepper whatsoever. After I added salt and pepper, it went from a 5/10 to 7/10. The rice wasn’t flavorful. The grilled zucchini was amazing though.

Atmosphere and Service

The service was great. The first time, since I was with family, I was able to eat the shared appetizers so I didn’t tell them the meat was tough. But this time around, when I told them they didn’t hesitate to assist me into choosing something else. The staff has always been lovely and attentive.

It’s a great place to talk and let loose.

Love the walls

The Moussaka~ Baked layers of eggplant, potatoes, Greek cheese, ground meats, Mediterranean spices, and Roma tomatoes topped with béchamel sauce. It

The Moussaka~ Baked layers of eggplant, potatoes, Greek cheese, ground meats, Mediterranean spices, and Roma tomatoes topped with béchamel sauce. We ordered it last time and I didn’t get to take a picture so this photo is from their Instagram page. It is amazing, loved every bite.

Check out the restaurant |The Menu | Contact The Olive Oil Restaurant : The Olive Oil Restaurant | 373 Sawdust Road, The Woodlands, Texas | (281) 367-0114

Will I Go Back ?

Probably not in the near future but I am sure I will visit again. It’s a great restaurant. I don’t expect to like every single menu item at every restaurant I visit. Some of the items were great and some not so great. But I do not doubt their cooking skills. They can elevate the restaurant by getting quality meat cuts. For all the meat lovers: we want nice , tender and juicy. That’s it! That’s all we ask for!

Have you been to the Olive Oil Restaurant ?

If yes, share your experience below !

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