The Glow


“You are glowing” said someone. It couldn’t be my highlight since I was not wearing makeup at that particular time, and no! there is no bundle of joy in the oven either😉.


It amazing how feeling happy radiates and touches other. That is why I always have a smile on my face. There would be bad times, but one bad chapter in life does not mean it is over, always get back up.


I am at a point in my life where I am truly happy with myself, I am so proud I am today because I worked so hard to be that woman.


I came a long way, my advice is to let go of what/who isn’t meant for you and trust God ! If it doesn’t open up, it isn’t your door , you do not need to force it . Nothing can come in between what God has planned for YOU! Do good, and you shall receive goodness! Support and encourage others , clap for people’s success, there is room for all of us to reach our full potential.


I am thankful to God for what he has done and will do for me ! I am grateful for my wonderful family and few true friends that I have ! I am thankful for what I have , how I feel ! I am HAPPY!!!!!!!!(in my Pharrell’s voice ), it is only the beginning, I strive to live happily every day like it is my last.

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