The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub is one of Houston’s favorite brunch spot. When I think of brunch, I think of chicken and waffles, pancakes, grits and so on. The food there is so good! If you are in Houston and haven’t gotten the chance to visit, then you’re missing out. Yes, there is a long wait line but it’s because everyone wants some good food. Great minds think alike! I went to the downtown location and it is definitely worth the wait.

Let’s Eat

I love me some chicken wangzz.. The Belgian waffle was fluffy and fresh off the pan. The chicken wings were tasty and crispy. I could taste hint of hot sauce. Whatever sauce they use to marinate the wings is oooh so flavorful.
Sunny side up eggs, potatoes, sausage and bread! It was good but the sausage were a bit too salty.
Kafe moka & karmel makkhiato from the Breakfadt Klub were hot and good ! Gotta start the day with a bit of sugar.


the breakfast klub
3711 Travis at Alabama
Houston, TX 77002

the breakfast klub – full-service restaurant
Bush Intercontinental Airport- Terminal A North
(across from TSA Security Checkpoint)

tbk Express – To Go Service Only
Bush Intercontinental Airport- Terminal A South>
(next to TSA Security Checkpoint)


The downtown location is the one I visited. there is typically a long line that starts pretty early. However the line goes moves pretty fast. The customer service is great. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The atmosphere is very laid back. It is the perfect place for brunch with any loved ones.

I love the decor
Great ambiance
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