hoUSton Strong- H30 Benefit Concert 

About Hurricane Harvey

On Thursday , August 24th , I turned my TV on as soon as I got home to get more updates on a called Hurricane Harvey. Initially, San Antonio and Corpus Christi were the main targets, but noone imagined the severity of such tropical storm in Houston. Per usual, grocery store shelves were deserted. It was almost impossible to find water and non perishable goods. I had no luck finding produce at popular food stores such as Walmart, HEB and Kroger. I stopped at Aldi which opens at 9am. Being the first person to arrive, I started a line. Next thing I know, they were hundreds of people behind me in the rain. As soon as they opened, we all ran in like the world was about to end.There was a limit a certain merchandises but I was able to get water, bread, canned goods ….etc. I had a stock already but it’s always best to be over prepared. I’m glad that I did.

It rained so much on the 25th of August . Being stuck at the house , our favorite thing to watch was Hurricane Harvey updates on the weather channel. Harvey kept growing and growing and finally reached category 4. It was so devastating watching my Houston that I love so much being destroyed by the storm. The city of Houston was unrecognizable, it now looked like an island as the water rose up to bridges and street signs, freeways were non existents as cars were drowned, people swimming through the water water fighting to save their lives, others standing on top of cars and roofs. Elderly people stuck at their homes, unable to evacuate. At the same time , the rain is still falling stronger and heavier, more neighborhoods were ordered to evacuate in case the hurricane worsened. I’ve never seen my neighborhood flood to this point , ever! Water started getting in the house but didn’t get too high thus no damage downstairs. Many weren’t as lucky as I was. Some people evacuated by the help of boats and helicopters but unfortunately lost their lives. According to ABC News, death tolls rises to about 60.

Flood in Missouri City

Always thank God for what you do have, if you are healthy, have a roof over your head, a job…you are enough, you have enough. Natural disasters can happen anywhere in the world.  Situations  like these show us that there is more to life than material things.

Can you imagine being displaced from your comfortable home to a shelter with other thousands of people? That is the reality for thousands of people. It could have been any one of us. #helpHoustonHeal


It was beautiful and emotional seeing all the first responders and everyone else in Houston helping. People took their boat and did whatever was necessary to save lives. No matter where you are originally from, whether you are white , black, purple, we are all helping each other . I have witnessed love during this hurricane and together we stand strong.


About the H30 Concert 

Now the hurricane is over and we are continuing to hold hands and help Houston heal and rebuild. Yesterday, Friday, September 8th, I attended the H3O Benefit concert. The event was organized  by La’Torria Lemon, a talented publicist and event coordinator.m. She is also the owner of Lemon LimeLight Media.

Left to Right: La’Torria Lemon’s assistant, blogger @syppinwithsymone on instagram, La’Torria Lemon, founder of the event @latorria_l on instagram, blogger Lulu @akellochic on instagram and I @lovethe90s

The purpose of the concert was to bring people together. Houstonians that were affected by the storm were present, it was sad hearing everyone else’s stories. At the event, items such as clothes, diapers, water were massively donated. People that were affected by the storm were pampered prior to the concert.There was a beauty booths, hors d’oeuvre and drink tables … anything to make make our affected fellow Houstonians feel loved and supported .

Delicious baked potato served by Candy’s Fine Catering
Hair booth

The concert was hosted by Cynthia Bailey and her sister Mallory Bailey from the hit TV reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Mallory Bailey and Cynthia Bailey @_malbaileymassy and @cynthiabailey10 on instagram


Some of the casts of the show came to support the event. Porsha Williams expressed how much she loved Houston and she is currently here in Houston to help. Shamea Morton was also present , she surprised us singing a beautiful melody for us.

Performers included Dondria Nicole, Blush Music of Music World Entertainment, Leela James,Tiaramy, I am Justified, Phil Wade, DeeSmuve, Darian Wes, Shonnie Murrel, Earnest Pugh and Tanner Gray.

@officially_blush on instagram. Female hip hop group signed by Matthew Knowles

I could see everyone had a great time, we danced so much, now my feet hurt and they need a massage. Standing in high heels for over 4 hours ain’t easy. I always tell myself that I’ll wear flats for these events but who doesn’t want to look chic? Haha, but I changed to flat towards the end. The performers blew us away, every single one of them.

Cynthia Bailey and Houston bloggers. On the left: @julieogriffith on instagram

The bloggers and the DJ
TV host and personality Miss Mykie @missmykie on instagram

Artist AJ McQueen @ajmcqueen on instagram
Chauncy Glover and the boys from the Chauncy Glover Foundation @chauncyglover on instagram

More attendees

Comedian Phil Wade
Musician Dondria Nicole @dondrianicole on instagram

Safe to say that I was daydreaming
Ahh, what a wonderful event !!

I enjoyed the event to the point I forgot to take pictures of beautiful Leela James but she had an amazing perfomance. We were all blow away.

It was so nice seeing people affected by the storms being able to switch gears and have a good time at the H30 Concert .That’s what life is about. We have to remain optimistic. The storm is over, so it is time to get back up and start anew. We are hoUSTon and we are rebuilding. We are #houstonStrong. We will continue to donate whatever we can to make a difference.

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