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will you marry me
will you marry me

On Sunday, July 1st , a private screening of Season 2 of Will You Marry Me was shown at the Buffalo Soldier Museum in Houston, TX.

Will You Marry me is a documentary series that highlights the defining moments that lead to marriage. The series is produced by international lifestyle photographer Milton Lawrence Jr.

Prior to attending the event, I made sure to watch the first season on . Have you ever wondered what made people want to get married or what made a man propose? We attend weddings and witness love but a lot of time we do not know the behind the scenes.

At the red carpet today, my question to Milton was what made him curate the Will You Marry Me series and what does he want people to get from watching it and his response was:

“Men have two defining moments and the first is when he decides to make the woman his girl and the second is when he decides to make the woman his wife. Men don’t typically share that.There are many shows out there from Bridezilla to I say Yes to The Dress. Those shows do not address the key moments that lead up to marriage. If couples understand those things , then their relationship becomes stronger.”

After watching the second season, the audience had the chance to ask questions to the cast.

Gaining different perspectives from couples was an eye opener . Not only from a heterosexual couple but also a homosexual couple as well. So often, if you ask a couple what was their defining moment, the answers would be different and that’s exactly what we noticed in the series.

It was beautiful seeing the evolution of marriage. For instance , one couple talked about how he needed to work on himself to be a better person before being committed. If you do not know and love yourself , there is no way you can fully love another person. Also, they talked about natural flow, if it meant to be , there won’t be any barriers. One couple parted ways and ended the relationship and today they are happily married. That time apart allowed them to know themselves and their purpose. One thing that tremendously stood out to me was the fact that one couple mentioned that everything happens for a reason. We sometimes get discouraged by break-ups or even feel disappointed however what didn’t work out is a lesson. Always ask yourself what did the past relationship teach me ? After ending a relationship, you are more aware of your your worth, your mistake , what you expect and what you’re not going to tolerate. You also know what love is not supposed to be.

We also saw that everyone has a unique love language. In a relationship, it is important to understand those differences and being able to communicate. Lifestyle photographer Milton Lawrence and another cast member that is also a wedding photographer both agreed that lot of the couple inform them that they got a divorce after a few months. The divorce rate is so high and anyone can get married but if you want to stay married ,those defining moments will tell you more about yourself and your partner. People love the idea of being married , or just have a ring to say they’re married. Marriage is sacred union. You have to take the time to not rush and let everything flow naturally. The Will You Marry Me Documentary was educational and it is a series that should be shown to couples, singles , children. It is simply for everyone.

Check out : to watch the series.

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