The Buffalo Museum Press Conference

On Monday, January 20th 2020, one of Houston’s prestigious museum had a press conference to announce a great news.

The event kicked off with attendees networking along with food and beverages. The CEO of the museum Desmond Bertrand-Pitts took the podium and gave us a brief introduction about his career at Buffalo Soldier Museum. Secretary James Baker also became honorary chair.

The CEO announced the “Heal Our Armory Campaign ”and there are two main goals. The first one is to restore and repair the museum and the second is to retire debt. Another plan is to hire new personnels and grow marketing and administrative staff. An amount of 5 million dollars is needed to achieve those goals.

As a reminder , Buffalo Soldier Museum is the one and only museum that showcases the brave men and women that fought and lost their lives to defend America . In order to preserve such rich legacy, we need your support. Click here to donate

Some of the highlights from the conference

Center : Secretary James Baker

Right: CEO Desmond Bertrand

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