Dress Houston

As I was walking in Henke and Pillot yesterday, “Glamorous “by Fergie was playing in my head. I loved every bit of time I spent at the event. The venue was chic and sassy, Houston most notable fashion designers definitely a statement, fun photo booths, gorgeous models and light appetizers and classically-styled cocktails to just get in the right mood.

And I had to grace Congress Street or should I say the run away.

About Dress Houston

This upscale event which was produced by Vincent Powell, a vocalist, producer, actor, songwriter was created to give a platform to upcoming designers to show their art and talent to the public. Over the past 9 years, this fashion show has opened the doors for many fashion apprentices, allowing them to network and work with public figures. Today, those fashion students are successful business owners. I was eager to attend the 10th Dress Houston and I was not disappointed. I’ve been to many fashion events in the past and this is one of my favorite. All of the pieces were unique and I’m currently thinking how I can get a few pieces custom made for myself, ha!!

The designers included Guys N Style, Kye Desgins, Jamel, Hawk, Boujii Couture and Sky Trues.

Scholarships were also awarded to fashion students .

Now let’s fashionably feast our eyes.

The entertainment was pretty cool hook to the event. Amazing performances by Haydee Dance, Leo King,Marg Griffin, Moreno Roas, Ashlynn Caar, Brittani Washington, Michael Miller and Wendy Taylor.

Here is a tribute for hurricane Harvey’s victims.

Confession: I feel a bit guilty for not having more footage. I was mesmerized by the talent showcase and I didn’t take thousands of photos like I usually do. I was more of a spectator than a reporter. In addition, the task was not so simple, it was a fast run way show.

More fun captures

” We don’t do fashion , we are fashion.” Dress Houston

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