Zina Garrison Funday 

This past Saturday, October 28th, I had a fun day at McGregor Park along with world renowned Tennis player Zina Garrison who made her mark at the 1988 Olympic Game. 

Zina Garrison and I

Olympians Carl Lewis and Clyde Drexler were also present .

Zina Garrison utilized her knowledge in tennis to create the Zina Garrison Tennis and Education Academh to educate and empower the youth in Houston community. This non-profit organization has a mission to create well-rounded leaders. The ZGA provides the children with the support they need academically, physically and mentally. For 25 years, the ZGA has created champions on the tennis court and in the classroom. Today’s children are the future .Well done Zina!

This dance group was phenomenal
I was right on time for the funday because I did not want to miss anything. Not only do I enjoyed myself but as a blogger I have to provide full coverage for my lovely readers.

At 9am, Zina and Carl Lewis participated in the 5k Walk for health and wellness along with other Houstonians. After the tragic Hurricane that we have witnessed, funday was a way for us to relax and have a good time. The abrupt cold weather did not stop us from enjoying great food, live music and talent. There was also a kidzone and many vendors. 

Bernard Freeman known as Bun B hosted the event along with Mykie.

Mykie, Zina and Bun B

 We are Houston Strong and Zina Garrison honored several Houstonians that have made a significant contribution in the community. The honorees were TJ Ford , Bun B, Pastor Rudy, News Anchor, Nate Griffin, Jerry Duddleston and Wade Smith. 

Philanthropist Jerry Duddleston
TJ Ford
Legendary Houston rapper Bun B
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson stopped by to show support.

Sheila Jackson

I did not expect Saturday to be freezing cold but the good music kept me moving the entire time. We enjoyed performance from the Royal Duchess Step Team, Nigerian violinist Demola and many more. 

Violinist Demola @demolaviolinist on ig
Step team!!

The food trucks were off the chain. I devoured those chicken and waffle sliders in a heart beat. I also ate some juicy barbecue ribs. 

Houstonians are still recovering from Harvey. And the energy was fiery and joyful. Hundreds of Houstonians and myself rocked and rolled on this beautiful Saturday. 
This was the first annual funday at the park and it was a success. I cannot wait to attend next years Funday. As always, stay tuned, follow me on instagram for more info on events .

Ig: @imbrendnew 

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