The Reveal

It is with excitement that I went to the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum this past Sunday, July 23rd ,to witness the big Officer’s Club Reveal! It was my second visit but this time around, I had the chance to have a complete tour.




The museum was founded by Vietnam veteran, Captain Paul J.Matthews in 2001. Located in the Houston Midtown area, it is the only museum in the city that showcases and honors the African-American soldier in defense of the United States of American from the Revolutionary War until today.




The Reveal

The Officer’s Club(OC) is a scrumptious venue on the third floor of the museum. It is very spacious.From there, the view of the city is gorgeous , the atmosphere is super nice. One can pretty much host any kind of events at the OC, anything from brunch , private dinner, showers ….etc. I’d definitely recommend you all to check it out !




I enjoyed myself this past Sunday. The Reveal was hosted by ABC News Anchor, Chauncy Glover. He did a great job keeping the entire audience entertained. There was a fashion show, the music was great , the food and drinks were delicious. You all know that I’m a foodie at heart so I made sure I tasted every dish.




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Houstonians, it is a must-see!!!!

Let me know about your experience at the Buffolo Soldiers National museum!

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