Current Workout Regimen

Monday-Friday : workout for 60 mins. I do something different almost everyday.

One workout example:

  • Jumprope(10 mins)
  • Fast pace walk(20 mins)
  • Jog(15 mins)
  • Burpees(5 mins)
  • Jump squats( 5mins)
  • Run up and down a hill( 5 mins)
  • Stretch (very important, stretching helps prevent injuries)

Saturdays: Bootcamp( the workouts change weekly, we do everything from stairs, to lifting, to ropes)

The key is to be active, for newbies, you want to know exactly what to do to get results, it does not matter, start by jogging or walking at a fast pace. That is what I did when I knew nothing about fitness. Take baby steps, especially if you were never active. Slowly work your way up to longer durations.  It is all about progress, be your own competition. Do not compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 10.

I hope this help, comment below if you have any questions or concern. Feel free to chat about your workout routine.

Thanks for reading!

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